An analysis of the movie the color of paradise by majid majidi

The Color of Paradise

While crossing a rickey bridge on the way home, the bridge collapses, and Mohammad falls into the swift stream and is rapidly swept down river. Crane shots are often long or extreme long shots: His teacher told him, he says, that God is invisible anyway, and that he can see God with his hands.

For him, life is a constant struggle, and he sees himself as a victim in a hostile world. I think he is interpreting the dots on these things as Braille, as if he is trying to educate himself. The only thing that we all have in this world is our participation in the joy of life, whatever our circumstances.

Explain the last shot. When the father, Hashem, arrives, he tells the school officials that he is too poor to take care of a blind boy and asks if he can be kept at the school. What are a few foreshadowing events that occur in the film?

With a camera that worships the beauty of the countryside and a storytelling sensibility that takes its time to let us see the activities of day-to-day life growing grains, creating dyes from field flowers, rebuilding the mud and thatch walls of a home this morality tale of father and son is spun with skillful attention to detail and deliberate pacing towards what seems an ineluctable conclusion.

In an extraordinary scene Mohammad finds a baby bird on the ground. It is a film made from a deeply spiritual point of view, but it never proselytizes, it never preaches.

Text copyright by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat. Blindness is a theme in this film and there are many characters who are physically blind. This happened before Mohammad fell into the river.

While watching the film, pay attention to how sound, lighting, framing and slow motion are used. I also liked how the river was a motif all through the movie. What is he trying to discern? She loves little Mohammad and quietly scolds her son for placing his own personal desires above that of his family.

I did notice that Mohammad "reads" letters off of things he finds in the movie aloud to himself - for example, the pebbles in a river, or the seeds of a wheat stalk.

He enjoys being in nature and embraces the beauties of it through hearing and feeling. Majidi establishes with economy and pure narrative the character of the boy — a selflessness, a respectfulness, a deep sense of kindness. What is significant about this still?

Hashem eventually gets her back home, but she is now ill from a chill and soon dies. Soon all the children are picked up into the loving arms of their parents, except one boy, Mohammed, whose father is late in coming.

Maybe he thinks the woodpecker is giving clues about "the color of God".The Color of Paradise It is a film made from a deeply spiritual point of view, but it never proselytizes, it never preaches. It tells with sophisticated simplicity a not so simple story of faith and unconditional love and the sadness that comes to one who falls short in both.

Majid Majidi has made a spiritual film that speaks forcefully about the emptiness of a life without gratitude to God. We have organized this series of questions and exercises around some of the major themes in the film: the presence of God, kindness, touch, sounds, knowledge, ingratitude, and gratitude.

Jun 02,  · There is no doubt in the mind of Majid Majidi, the Iranian writer and director of "The Color of Paradise." His work feels truly intended for God's glory, unlike so much "religious art" that is intended merely to propagandize for one view of God over another.

His film looks up, not sideways/5.

The Color of Paradise (Persian: رنگ خدا, Rang-e Khodā, literally The Color of God) is a Iranian film directed by Majid Majidi. Plot. The story revolves around a blind boy named Mohammed who is released from his special school in Tehran for summer vacation.

His father, shamed and burdened by Mohammed's blindness, arrives late to Production company: Varahonar Company. Academy Award(r)-nominee Majid Majidi (Children of Heaven, Best Foreign Language Film, ) exploresthe world of a gifted blind boy at the mercy of his father's crippling sense of shame in THE COLOR OF PARADISE/5().

Sep 07,  · Watch video · Directed by Majid Majidi. With Hossein Mahjoub, Mohsen Ramezani, Salameh Feyzi, Farahnaz Safari.

Mohamed, a young blind boy, returns to his rural home for the summer and yearns for his father's acceptance/10(K).

An analysis of the movie the color of paradise by majid majidi
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