An analysis of the real jesus in the jesus i never knew by philip yancey

He recalls how Jesus was presented to him in his youth: Satan asked him to turn a stone into bread, bow down to Satan in exchange for power over all nations, or jump from a great height and allow God to save him.

Yancey begins his book with a look at the Jesus he learned about in church in his childhood years. Finally, Yancey discusses the effect the life and death of Jesus should have on the lives of believers today.

Yancey sees in the temptations the human desire that God perform miracles to bring prosperity and peace to individuals and to the world. Synopsis[ edit ] With this book, Yancey intends to offer a new and different perspective on the life of Christ and his work — his teaching, his miracleshis death and resurrection — and ultimately, who he was and why he came.

Yancey also addresses the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Before beginning his ministry, Jesus faced three temptations: Under despotic Roman rule, the Jews waited for their Messiah. He imagines the impact of the virgin birth on a first century Jewish community, noting that under Jewish law Mary could have been stoned for becoming pregnant while betrothed to Joseph.

He used Gospel accounts and historical knowledge to rediscover who Jesus was, why he came to earth, and how he made a lasting difference to humankind. When Jesus was born, Palestinian Jews were rejecting the Greek culture popular among Romans and instead celebrating their own heritage.

While Yancey acknowledges the historical meaning of these happenings, he also admits it is these occurrences some find hard to believe and even turn away from Jesus on account of their confusing nature.

Until the time He returns, as He has promised He will, Christians are simply waiting in expectation of that day. The author examines some of the radical words of Jesus with a willingness to tackle the difficult questions raised by them, and asks whether today Christians are taking them seriously enough.

The Jesus I Never Knew Summary & Study Guide

The miracles of Jesus are another topic Yancey attacks. The entire section is words. In the end I found the process of writing this book to be a great act of faith-strengthening. The temptations demonstrated that God would not coerce obedience They did not believe Jesus was the Messiah because he did not seek to become a king, and rather than freeing the Jews, he preached that they were somehow already blessed.

It is a result of these confusing experiences that Yancey decides to try to strip away all the layers of bias that the church and the followers of Jesus add to His life and message.

However, motivated by the impact Jesus had on his own life, Yancey was moved to reexamine these traditional views. The author chronicles his journey of discovery, looking past traditionally perpetuated beliefs about Jesus and reporting facts about him and his teaching as recorded by the authors of the gospels.

This section contains words approx. Juxtaposing the Gospel events with the world we live in today, The Jesus I Never Knew gives a dynamic portrait of this central figure of history.

First he addresses possible misconceptions about Jesus physical appearance probably not tall and gaunt, based on what one knows today of Jews of the timemoves onto his character, and his interactions with people and his disciples.

Yancey felt remote from these images of Jesus and suspicious of the way modern American Christians portrayed him.

He explains that by ascending to heaven, Jesus left the Earth in the hands of humans and we are to carry on His message.

The Jesus I Never Knew

In his discussion, Yancey hopes not only to properly describe what a religious miracle actually is, but to also explain why Jesus stopped performing miracles.The Jesus I Never Knew Summary & Study Guide Philip Yancey This Study Guide consists of approximately 36 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Jesus I Never Knew.

The renowned Christian book author, Philip Yancey, deserves "five gold stars" for his thought-provoking book, The Jesus I Never Knew. Yancey's training and experience as a journalist is evident in his exploration and historical detailed life analysis of the human being we call "Jesus."/5(8).

The Jesus I Never Knew Summary

Feb 03,  · Philip Yancey frequently writes about questions that have puzzled or alienated believers and nonbelievers alike, working to set aside traditional ideas in search of spiritual truth.

The Jesus I Never Knew is a popular Christological book by the American Christian author Philip Yancey. It won the Gold Medallion Book Award and ECPA Christian Book of the Year it is a book that appeals to the wider Christian public for its personal approach to the figure of Jesus, with a fresh and vivid portrayal extracted from a.

Philip Yancey's The Jesus I Never Knew is a classic of Christian spirituality. Now you and your small group Bible study can go one step deeper in this riveting six-session video-based study. Now you and your small group Bible study can go one step deeper in this riveting six-session video-based study.

The Jesus I Never Knew uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying.

"No /5().

An analysis of the real jesus in the jesus i never knew by philip yancey
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