Analysis of downfall of pakistan cricket

They are considered as a different ethnic religion people by the Pakistan government. This happened for a variety of reasons even as these religions have continued to flourish beyond the eastern frontiers of Pakistan. He became the first non-Muslim to win a general seat non-reserved in Pakistan national assembly.

Pakistan Studies textbooks are an active site to represent India as a hostile neighbour", the report stated. And inHindus, Christians, and Ahmadis successfully conducted a partial boycott of the elections, culminating in the abolishment of the separate electorate system in Hindu community leader Sudham Chand protested against the system but was murdered.

Hindus are allotted separate electorates to vote and seats in the provincial assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate. Mobs attacked scores of Hindu temples across Pakistan. Some ancient Hindu temples in Pakistan draw devotees from across faiths including Muslims. Nearly all of these individuals left their homes due to the violence and turmoil during Partition.

From the government-issued textbooks, students are taught that Hindus are backward and superstitious.

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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also mentioned that the marriage registrars will be established in areas where Hindus stay. Hindus and other minorities achieved a rare political victory in with the removal of separate electorates for Muslims and non-Muslims.

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This allowed religious minorities to vote for mainstream seats in the National and Provincial assemblies, rather than being confined to voting for only minority seats. Religious, social and political institutions[ edit ] Hindu people in Pakistan The Indus river is a holy river to many Hindus, and the Government of Pakistan periodically allows small groups of Hindus from India to make pilgrimage and take part in festivities in Sindh [29] and Punjab.

According to the Sustainable Development Policy Institute report, "Associated with the insistence on the Ideology of Pakistan has been an essential component of hate against India and the Hindus.

He won the seat from Tharparkar -II. Some Muslims have encouraged the Kalash people to read the Koran so that they would convert to Islam. There are minority commissions and for a while, a Ministry of Minority Affairs in the Government of Pakistan looked after specific issues concerning Pakistani religious minorities.

Kalasha Desh the three Kalash valleys is made up of two distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Bumburet forming one, and Birir valley the other; Birir valley being the more traditional of the two.

Hinduism and independence[ edit ] The Swaminarayan Temple in Karachi was a departure point for those migrating to India after independence.

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Being a very small minority in a Muslim region, the Kalash have increasingly been targeted by some proselytising Muslims. InPakistan abolished this system. Government officials stated that the separate electorates system is a form of affirmative action designed to ensure minority representation, and that efforts are underway to achieve a consensus among religious minorities on this issue.

For the upholders of the Ideology of Pakistan, the existence of Pakistan is defined only in relation to Hindus, and hence the Hindus have to be painted as negatively as possible".

They became the first non-Muslims to win a general seat non-reserved in a provincial assembly election.

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Hindu homes and temples were also attacked in Quetta. The separate electorate system had marginalized non-Muslims by depriving them of adequate representation in the assemblies.

Despite the victory, however, Hindus still remain largely disenfranchised. But inKrishna Kumari Kohli ,a Hindu wom an become the first non-Muslim women to win a women reserved seat in Senate of Pakistan.

In s Zia ul-Haq introduced a system under which non-Muslims could vote for only candidates of their own religion. Seats were reserved for minorities in the national and provincial assemblies.

According to this theory the Hindu minority in Pakistan was to be given a fair deal in Pakistan in order to ensure the protection of the Muslim minority in India. In general, religious conversion was a gradual process, with many converting to Islam to get rid of the caste system of Hinduism, with some converts attracted to pious Muslim saints, while others converted to Islam to gain tax relief, land grant, marriage partners, social and economic advancement, [45] or freedom from slavery.

The Pakistan Hindu Welfare Association was active by convening a national conference on the issue in December Some Hindus in Pakistan feel that they are treated as second-class citizens and many have continued to migrate to India.

Though Islamisation has impacted the country since the s, the secular institutions established during British rule allow Hindus to take advantage of education, sports, cultural activities, and government services, and participate in mainstream Pakistani life.

But critics argue that under this system Muslim candidates no longer had any incentive to pay attention to the minorities.Independent India's first Test cricket captain, Lala Amarnath, hailed from Lahore, prime ministers I K Gujral and Gulzarilal Nanda are also from the part of the Punjab which became part of Pakistan.

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Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was born near Rawalpindi, while former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani was born in Karachi. India vs Bangladesh asia cupasia cup news aaj tak, aaj tak news asia cupasia cupPakistan cricket news today, India vs Bangladesh, Ind vs Ban, Ind vs Pak, India vs Pakistan Pre Analysis.

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Analysis of downfall of pakistan cricket
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