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The joint venture of the company of making joint panels is also one of the reasons for the success of the company in the television market. In addition to this, the company also decided to reduce its facilities from 70 to 55 by the end ofwhich would result in elimination of approximately jobs.

More than one third of the company subsidiaries businesses were involved in the businesses other than electronics and entertainment business of Sony Corporation. In spite of successful implementation of the restricting process, the financial results of the company in the financial yearwas unsatisfactory.

The company has been aided by this new structure and has eliminated the problems of product designing and their redundancies. This was said to be as the company come back.

RESTRUCTURING SONY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Introduction Sony Corporation is the parent organization of the Sony group of companies. This is just a sample partial work. Stringer said that this reorganization is mainly designed to transform the company into more and more innovative and agile global company with the next generation of the company business firmly into the place.

The other several businesses which are discontinued by the company include mail order shopping company, cosmetic makers and chain of restaurants.

It has also impacted the relationship in between the employees and employers. The company announcement of the actions is related to the acceleration of the company business which has begun four years back.

Restructuring plan proposed by stringer in In the year in February the company announced a major reorganization which has been made effective in the month of April in the same year.

This reorganization of the business mainly concentrated on the gaming business unit of the company which is highly aimed towards improving the profitability of the company and improving its competitiveness.

It can also be concluded that the stringer has done a proper reorganization of the company and has taken several appropriate decisions which has helped the company to move from the adverse condition to the growth path.

The company must stop the restructuring the company after this long period and bring stability in the organization and hire a higher number of the young blood which is enthused towards working with zeal and bring in good and positive results.

The company must also set the example of being an innovative, integrated and agile organization with the next generation to be in place for the development of the company in the coming period of time.

Recent restructuring has led to the company losing the loyalty of customers in its operations and in its strengths DePamphilis The efforts by the top management in organisational restructuring failed to put Sony back on the growth track.

Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution Related Case Solutions: In the same period the company by the efficient utilization of the brad based research and developments success in the B2B solution business the company has hoped to develop several new businesses in order to drive its sales and grow its profitability in the B2B business area.

For the fiscal year ending Marchthe company announced an annual loss of It can also be said that the company has effectively reorganized its operations and has developed efficient groups and structured the company into two groups which is highly effective in handling the tasks of the company in long run.

Under his leadership, Sony was subjected to a major reorganisation in September The primary and the adverse impacts of these frequent restructuring is also related to the company internal and external factors.

The aim of this group is attainment of profitability and growth through the innovation of new products in this segments and improving the efficiency of operations of the company.

The reliability of the company was also questioned by the customers. The company has also discontinues its robotic unit due to its lower revenue generation.This case Sony Electronics, The Turnaround Strategy focus on Sony's electronics division which accounted for the major share of Sony's overall revenue was making losses during the last three years (from ).


This was due to a decrease in revenues in the audio, video and the semiconductor products of the company. Sony faced challenges from. While restructuring billsimas.comy – Sony Case Study Prepared by: Honey Bonny ((‫أبومحمد‬ 2.

3. which was expected to be operationally convenient and to unite the different silos that existed in the organization. Japan-based electronics and communications company, Sony Corporation, was subjected to a spate of restructuring exercises since to improve the financial performance and competitiveness of the Sony Corporation: Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain | The Case Centre, for educators.

Restructuring Sony - Sony Corp, The case discusses the organizational restructuring carried out by the Japanese electronics and communication giant, Sony Corporation (Sony) between and Sony's business operations were restructured five times within nine years. The case describes each of the five restructuring exercises in detail.

Sony used to be a household name but their brand name is losing its credibility in this case study we hope to shed some light on these issues. Page | 5/5(4).

RESTRUCTURING SONY Case Solution, Keeping this in view, the management of the company reorganised the overall structure of the company by changing and regrouping the product group of the co.

Answers for case study restructuring sony
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