Cattle farming business plan in pakistan sick

Marketing Products Marketing goat products is very easy. Try to add some more minerals and nutrient elements with their complementary food. For successful breeding, gather enough information and study as much as possible about goat reproduction.

Barbari, Chapper, Teddy and some other breeds are highly meat productive. Selecting Farm Location Selecting a suitable location for your farm is one of the most important part of your goat farming business campaign.

Selling goats during religious festival like EID will ensure maximum price.

How To Start Cattle Farming In Pakistan

You can select Pak Angora, Bilkaneri, Kaghani etc. You should buy healthy animals and to maintain their health you have to keep good care of them. Arrange proper sewerage system so that the drinking water may not mix with the sewerage waste.

All goats produce skin. Take good care of nutrition of your animal. Always ensure a good drainage system and cleaning facilities inside the house. Goats are known as seasonal breeders. Nowadays, most of the farmers are using artificial breeding process along with natural breeding.

Natural goat food includes tree leaves, leaves of non-legume plans, fresh legumes, flowering, cereals, grasses, roots, silage, natural roughage, hays, dried leaves, fruits, legume seeds and many types of corns.

Goats love to eat green foods and leaves. According to the weather of Pakistan raising meat and milk goats are very suitable and profitable. Only experienced goat producers can take extra or special care and management for their goats.

Select healthy, diseases free fresh goats for reproduction. Ensure sufficient flow of light and fresh air inside the house.

There are two breeds. Finally, you have learned a lot about goat farming in Pakistan. Grazing Place Making a pasture or grazing place reduces the food cost and helps to keep your goats healthy. If you are starting your farm for increasing your income then work in ascending order i-e start from small number of animals and avoid big expenditures.

And plan monthly visits for your animals. You can also apply your own techniques for marketing your products. Purchase a land that is at some distance from the population. Start raising goats and gradually you will learn everything related to goat farming.

Veterinary Facilities Availability of proper veterinary service is very essential for livestock farming. Meat producing Dairy producing.

Goat Farming in Pakistan (Information and Guide)

Study farming tutorials and take advice from professional farmers too. Residents of many cities raise goats and this practice increases near the religious festival of Eid — Ul- Adha.

Fresh and clean water supply, pasture or proper grazing place, market for purchasing necessary commodities, easy complementary food supply, market near your farm for selling your products, proper veterinary service etc.

While selecting location of your land you must keep in your mind the temperature, hygienic conditions Build small sections for depending upon the types of animals you want in your farm. Cultivate your land before buying your desired animals.Mar 18,  · A very interesting report to highlight the potential of Cattle farming / Fattening business in Pakistan for Eid ul Azha (Bakra Eid / EID Qurban).

Goat farming in Pakistan costs less than establishing any other livestock animal farming business. Require comparatively less labor and management. You can easily raise 10 goats in the space and costs required for a cattle.

Cattle Farm Start-Up Investment Project in Pakistan. no longer available. Are you an ENTREPRENEUR or Business Owner? Do you have an investment opportunity that you want to publish on Merar?

Submit an Opportunity, FREE of Charge. Cattle’s farming is a very profitable industry here in Punjab. Cattle Land lease is a better option for starting a livestock farming business.

Once the business takes off, land can be purchased later on. In Pakistan, the beef business is controlled by the informal sector. The are no organized markets for the beef sale and purchase. Home/Pakistan/ Requirements for Cattle/Calf Farming in Pakistan. Pakistan Requirements for Cattle/Calf Farming in Pakistan Details of these financials can be studied in the business plan of calf fattening farm in Pakistan by SMEDA.

Tags. Knowledge Base. I have recently started cattle farming business in Karachi and I am. Pre-Feasibility Study DAIRY FARM (50 Animals) Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority Pre-feasibility studies and business plan million of the total rural population is engaged in livestock farming, having 2 to 3 cattle/buffalo and 5 to 6 sheep/goats per family deriving 30 to 40 per cent of income from it.

Cattle farming business plan in pakistan sick
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