Explain how play and activities are used to sopport the development of speech language and communica

History taking means asking questions about when the mother had her last menstrual period, the past medical history and past obstetric history. Student will respond to teacher directed questions by touching an appropriate symbol on the display of her voice output communication aid when a visual cue or gesture prompt is provided.

Develop a procedure for the student to ask for help e. Use concrete items and examples to explain new concepts. Communication Ensure that the student has a way to appropriately express their wants and needs. Is the abdomen too large? Provide specific and immediate corrective feedback.

Be aware that some students may work better alone. Label areas in the room with words and pictures. Also, a mother who has had very many deliveries, even if they have all been normal, is at high risk.

Use mnemonics words, sentences, pictures, devices, or techniques for improving or strengthening memory. Given picture support and verbal cues, X will make requests and comments during a structured activity.

Feel the top of the uterus with the left hand to enable you determine the size of the uterus fundal height by measuring from the symphysis pubis to the top of the uterus. See Unit 14 Immunizations: Oedema is present if the "pit" caused by the thumb remains after the thumb is removed. SLTs assess children who might have speech, language and communication needs and decide the best way to help them.

Ask student for input about how they learn best, and help them to be in control of their learning. Some illnesses, for example, hypertension and diabetes cause complications during pregnancy and may damage the baby.

Practice looking at the conjunctiva in as many people as possible. Have a "hands to yourself" rule to respect personal space of all students.

Has the woman had a caesarean section or some other abdominal operation? Screening reveals incipient evidence of conditions that put the pregnant mother or her baby at high risk before signs of the actual disease are manifest.

Any pregnant mother who has had a bad illness or an abdominal operation should be referred to hospital. Provide many opportunities for students to interact directly with each other. The name helps us to identify the mother. Long Term Goal for Auditory Discrimination: Your contribution will be much appreciated!

Provide opportunities to practice skills in many different environments. Teach material in relevant contexts. You can achieve this thorough observation. See a child every week for individual direct therapy. Oedema may be due to one of the following conditions: Usually they will see the child again to see how they are getting on with their programme.

Visit the child in nursery or school.

Speech and language therapy

Do not overwhelm a student with multiple or complex instructions. Every pregnant mother is expected to gain weight during each visit. Too small an abdomen suggests the possibility of poor growth of the baby or of too little amniotic fluid [oligohydramnios] Is the shape of the abdomen abnormal?

Do not assume that the student will perform the same way today as they did yesterday.PLAY. Content Objectives and Language Objectives Plan academically engaging and challenging activities that are focused on the learning targets.

Explicitly link concepts Make clear connections between content concepts and students' culture, language, and life experiences.

Explicitly link past learning. Explain how play and activities are used to support the development of speech, language and communication. Puppets ‘Small world’ Play dough Games eg. The disability stops the development within the child which is a very negative effect upon the child which later on may cause problem as the child grows old to become an adult.

The physical development comes in various stages and the pace of development changes differently at various stages. P9. “Student” will make requests using polite language (e.g., "Can you help me?") in two out of three language activities when provided with faded models and/or cues.

P Given a class setting, “Student” will initiate interactions with another student in one activity throughout the day. P Consult a speech language pathologist concerning your class. Be aware that some students may require another form of communication. Encourage participation in classroom activities and discussions.

Model acceptance and understanding in classroom.

Use gestures that support understanding. The factors that promote development include good nutrition, emotional support, play and language training. We shall discuss each of them in detail, starting with good nutrition. Good nutrition: Good nutrition is essential for normal growth and development.

Unlike most other organs in the body, the brain is not fully developed at birth.

Explain how play and activities are used to sopport the development of speech language and communica
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