How to write a practical training logbook

The Company did not make provision to pay IT student nor do they draft any allowance, packages so as to lease the expenses for the six months programme. Things that go wrong should also be written in the logbook and any false starts or dead ends that you encounter.

The Company or establishment should also grant access to student to make use of their machines to know how to operate and make use of their machineries.

The report explains briefly the details of all the activities with each project been involved in outlined under each chapter. This is a unit where ice cream and pop corn are produced and sold to customers. The establishment should provide adequate facilities to make the programme enjoyable for student.

I learnt how to prepare both African and continental dishes. Here is a sample entry into a student logbook. I equally learnt when making any pastries you have to add the ingredients one after the other when it is necessary.

Include any discussion you have had, any telephone conversations, letters you have written and the resources that you have found related to your project. The I T students were not giving the opportunity to operate most of their machine they will rather ask you to watching them and learn.

This means all the things you do when you plan your project as well as summaries of conversations and reading, lists of equipment, drawings of models, names and descriptions of resources used, your results and thoughts you have along the way.

The Company or the establishment should do something about their light so that it will not disappoint them when they are making use of it. A drawing of what an entry in a student logbook would look like. Finally, I can produce pastries like Saucage Roll, meat pie, chicken pie, etc.

Your logbook is evidence that you have worked scientifically.


You will use your logbook when you prepare your final report. Keep your logbook with you whenever you are working on your project. You need to keep accurate records of your plans, what you do, how you do it and what you find out. I learnt how to serve dishes both in public inside and outside 3.

Daily Log Book

Your teacher may ask to see your logbook as part of your ongoing assessment. Chapter 1 started with general background knowledge and objectives of the SIWES programme chapter 2 of the report talk about the general description of the company and service chapter 3 and 4 give the a detail of the activities carried out during the programme and all the knowledge acquired then chapter 5 explained the various problems encountered, recommendation to those problems at the end, conclusion are drawn.

It is also a record of the type of activities you carried out during your investigation. If you take any photographs or audio recordings write down in your logbook where and when these were gathered. In the production unit where the produced foods snacks before sending them to counter unit for sale, I assisted them in producing meat pie, chicken pie, saucage roll, chin—chin etc.

Example birthday party programme, wedding, dedication party etc v.Starting your logbook. At this point start a logbook for your investigation by writing down any ideas you may have. There are selection of logbooks that you can download. You have a choice of the length of time that you are going to keep your logbook (7, 14, 21 or 28 days).

PRACTICAL REQUIREMENTS The training period must be supervised by an Accounting Officer (a member of IAC, SAIPA, SAICA). The duration is a minimum of 3 years. 80% of the sections listed in the logbook must be completed to the Supervisory level (explained.

Submit the logbook and natural occurring evidence portfolio to the training provider to be assessed and presented to the INSETA for verification Assessor Responsibilities: Copy the exit level outcome and associated assessment criteria, into the logbook based on the qualification learner is registered on.

This practical training (or optional for economists etc that choose to write a mini thesis) is compulsory for all full-time students of the undergraduate programme. Practical Training Report Abstract First of all, so thankful and appreciates to the Faculty of Business and Law, Multimedia University had endeavored for us the opportunity to further our skills in the industrial training section / The filled-up log book is of student’s property and need not be submitted to the faculty.

Things To Be Reported In The Log Book Only important items should be included in the log book.

How to write a practical training logbook
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