Its time to allow medical marijuana essay

If law enforcement encounters you in possession of the approved amount of medical marijuana or less, you can show your card and they can immediately check its validity against the national on-line registry.

It permits possession of up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil, a liquid extracted from a marijuana plant, which can be used to treat symptoms like nausea, pain and inflammation. But most, he said, want to learn more. She cried for three days straight.

When Georgia first legalized medical marijuana, she had to leave the state to get THC oil and bring it back across state lines.

Peake said he receives messages from Georgia residents every day, asking him for help. Jenna Eason jeason macon. The substance does have a potential for addiction and is also often cited as a gateway drug, Allen said.

Allen Peake, a Republican from Macon who spearheaded the medical marijuana legislation.

Medical marijuana saved her son’s life. But in Georgia, it’s hard to get | The Telegraph

The Georgia Department of Public Health does not dispense the low THC oil, nor does it inform card carriers how to obtain it on its website. In terms of harm from a drug, it marijuana is much less harmful than many of the drugs we use on a regular basis," Bernstein said.

Micah Gravley, a Republican from Douglasville, and Sen. Darrell was born with hydrocephalus and epilepsy, which are neurological conditions that have stunted his development and cause seizures.

Mormon leaders call for new medical-marijuana plan in months

Please consult with your healthcare professional if marijuana is a good alternative for you. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Medical cannabis has changed her life. We hope that this guide has provided a basic understanding of and overview of first steps to using medical marijuana.

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Mormon leaders call for new medical-marijuana plan in months Sep. Most of the time, alternatives are available for patients, Meisenberg said.

The drug that has been lauded for helping extremely sick patients is also banned by the federal government, carries a high potential for abuse and has not had the sort of high-quality research that has gone into other available drugs.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

Maryland Medical Marijuana: Doctors In 'Uncomfortable Position'

Herbert has said he will vote against the ballot initiative known as Proposition 2, but he wants lawmakers to act next year. He is among the physicians who believe medical marijuana should be reserved for patients who have cancer or are terminally ill.

Final Thoughts Medical cannabis has been proven to help alleviate pain and symptoms from serious and chronic illnesses that cause much suffering to patients.3 days ago · Wheatley’s bill would build on the state’s medical marijuana program and allow people to have up to six cannabis plants, with up to three flowering at a time, according to a news release.

In California and many of the states that have approved the use of medical marijuana, the State has created a Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) that is run and operated by the state Department of Public Health and/or County Health and.

Beginner’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

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In states where marijuana is legal for medical purposes doctors can only recommend its use and the marijuana is distributed by dispensaries. Proposition 2 would create a state-regulated growing and dispensing operation to allow people with certain medical conditions to get medical marijuana cards and use the drug in edible forms, lotions or.

Dec 03,  · I wrote a Legalize Marjiuana Persuasive Essay! Discussion in 'General' started by Mr we want to move forward and continue to allow ourselves the God-given right of liberty, then the decriminalization of marijuana should be our next step. that medical marijuana should be legal there.

Thanks again for the replies everyone. Mar 25,  · At Anne Arundel Medical Center's oncology center, questions about medical marijuana come up "very occasionally" at this point, said Barry Meisenberg, director of the hospital's Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute.

Most of the time, alternatives are available for patients, Meisenberg said.

Its time to allow medical marijuana essay
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