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A CDN is another way to drastically reduce server lag by storing static resources on a network of fast loading servers. The Producer Picks or "Picks" section contains video clips selected by our editorial team.

Official statistics from the government are exaggerated and inconsistent, with different Information and Communications Technology ICT indicators placing the figures between 21 percent to 39 percent at the end of How can I resolve this issue?

If high CPU usage is causing interruptions to Pipeline audio, try closing any programs that you are not using and re-launching the player. While the regime was ill-equipped to deal with the disaster where an estimated 30, people lost their lives.

Blogging in Iran

Make sure that your audio is enabled and that both your system volume and Windows Media Player volume have the "mute" function disabled. The Web Player requires approximately Kbps of bandwidth for operation, though this number too varies based on individual usage.

Having a fast website is mandatory for success on the web. Also, pay attention to the installation instructions on the website. The Web Player requires approximately Kbps of bandwidth for operation, though this number varies based on individual usage.

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Here’s The Reason Why You Are Facing A Slow Internet Connection Today

A browser cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by a Web site you visited. When directed, please close the player and re-launch Pipeline to begin enjoying our video content.

I would abandon this little faith once and for all" [9] In the government began to arrest and charge bloggers as political dissidents.

Clicks, clerics and censorship - Iran’s battle with the internet

In order to understand why having a fast website is important, check out these statistics: We are striving to keep you informed throughout your busy day!

In fact, it is the judiciary council that wants to censor such media. If you have questions about your bandwidth capacity, please contact your Internet Service Provider for details. These Scripts and Style Sheets can be combined into one large file each. The most common cause of a pause or stop is Internet traffic congestion.

Save the compressed version of the image into your local folder on your computer and re-upload the image in place of the uncompressed image. Both video produced by CNN and material provided by affiliate and wire services are protected by copyright and subscribers may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit, any of the content, in whole or in part.

Combining 5 images into one CSS sprite is a fast way to speed up a website by allowing a browser to load one image instead of 5 images. Mac requests back to the originating server can occasionally fail. What tips would you share?

Yet in response to the vitality of the Iranian blogosphere, the government decided to pursue other tactics simultaneously, announcing in late its intention to create thousands of pro government blogs, including one by the president himself. Which videos are available through Pipeline? CNN Pipeline has identified an issue whereby a small percentage of Mac users may experience difficulty accessing some video clips through our search and browse features.

Let us know in the comments. Ininternet users and particularly bloggers and online journalists were targeted for arrest and violence after the contested re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who won by a landslide, inciting fraud allegations.Blogging in Iran took on political importance as the regime continued its crackdown on journalists.

" which may include blogs, requiring the authors to get licenses. According to ONI, with the sophisticated system of internet filtering developed by Iran, the websites Blogger and Persianblog are often blocked.

Gmail Launched A New Web Interface (And We’re All Over It!)

and non-political. Google reveals it's plans to release a new Gmail web interface with a crisp, clean, fresh new look and exciting new features like Smart Reply on the web.

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Iran bans Gmail; to launch state-run email site

Even as the China-Google war is yet to die down, the US search engine has been slapped with another ban by Iran and this time its on its email site 'Gmail.

Hackers spied onIranians using fake Google certificate Investigation reveals month-long, massive Gmail snooping campaign. •See INTERNET page 22 †See MACKEY page 11 †See FORUM page 12 Anniversary Sale Now Through October 31st Candidates’ weekly forum U.S.

and Iran link explained In August, veteran journalist and award winning author of multiple books on the Middle East, spoke at the Center of Life En.

Loading gmail connection internet longer page contest essay iran lighthouse
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