Mat 540 week 4 homework

Transform this model into standard form. What are the sensitivity ranges for the objective function coefficients? Identify the sensitivity ranges for the profit of a sausage biscuit and the amount of sausage available. Each ingredient contains the same three antibiotics, in different proportions.

Each mill has a different production capacity in tons per day for each grade as follows: A company produces two products that are processed on two assembly lines.

Identify the sensitivity ranges for the objective function coefficients and for the constraint quantity values. Determine the shadow prices for additional hours of production time on line 1 and line 2 and indicate whether the company would prefer additional line 1 or line 2 hours.

Solve the linear programming model developed in Problem 22 for the Burger Doodle restaurant by using the computer.

MAT 540 Week 1 Homework

The Elixer Drug Company produces a drug from two ingredients. Each Mat 540 week 4 homework of product must be processed on two assembly lines, where the required production times are as follows: The manager of a Burger Doodle franchise wants to determine how many sausage biscuits and ham biscuits to prepare each morning for breakfast customers.

Formulate a linear programming model to determine the optimal product mix that will maximize profit. The Pinewood Furniture Company produces chairs and tables from two resources labor and wood. Irwin Textile Mills produces two types of cotton cloth — denim and corduroy.

The manufacturer wants to know how many yards of each type of cloth to produce to maximize profit. The manager has a contract with a local grocer for 30 pounds of sausage and 30 pounds of ham each morning.

MAT 540 Week 7 Homework

The clothier wants to determine the number of coats and pairs of slacks to make so that profit will be maximized. Formulate the model and put it into standard form.

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Each coat requires 3 square yards of wool and 10 hours of labor, whereas each pair of slacks requires 5 square yards of wool and 4 hours of labor. Continuing the model from Problem How much extra cotton and processing time are left over at the optimal solution?

At least 12 units of antibiotic 3 are required; a gram of ingredient 1 contributes 2 units, and a gram of ingredient 2 contributes 6 units.

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The two types of biscuits require the following resources: A clothier makes coats and slacks. The company wants to determine the number of chairs and tables to produce each day in order to maximize profit. Problems 2, 6, 7, 12, 16, 20 Homework Chapter 2 2.

The manager wants to know the number of each type of biscuit to prepare each morning in order to maximize profit. One gram of ingredient 1 contributes 3 units and one gram of ingredient 2 contributes 1 unit of antibiotic 1; the drug requires 6 units.

Southern Sporting Good Company makes basketballs and footballs. The company has 80 hours of labor and 36 board-ft. Identify the sensitivity ranges for the objective function coefficients and the constraint quantity values.

The clothier has square yards of wool and hours of labor available. Solve the model by using graphical analysis. Is the demand for corduroy met?Strayer-University MAT Homework Help Get help for Strayer-University MAT Homework Help. We provide assignment, homework, discussions and case studies help for all subjects Strayer-University for Session MAT WEEK 4 DISCUSSION.

Discuss Forecasting Methods. Select one (1) of the following topics for. MAT Week 7 Homework Chapter 3 Problems Solution | September 25, 8. Solve the model formulated in Problem 7 for Southern Sporting Goods Company using the computer.a.

Aluminum Grade Mill1 2High 6 2Medium 2 2Low 4 10The company has contracted with a manufacturing firm to supply at least 12 tons of high-grade. Oct 14,  · Email us [email protected] Mat Problems Chapter 12 Homework Complete the following problems from Chapter Problems 8, 16, 24, 32, 36 Refer to finalexamsolutions.

Click the button below to add the MAT Week 7 Homework to your wish list. Sep 03,  · MAT Week 10 Homework CH 6 Chapter 6 4. Consider the following transportation problem: From To (cost) Supply 1 2 3 A $ 6 $ 9 $ Status: Open. Mat Week 4 Homework Feb 1 - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.3/5(2).

Mat 540 week 4 homework
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