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While the price is steep, alkame plastic water bottles have the ability to reduce the environmental impact that traditional plastic water bottles have caused in the past. Scope and Delimitation This study covers only the the Bicol University Freshmen students who consume bottled drinking water and tap water.

Polyethylene terephthalate PET —the chemical Tugend decided to not fear—is used by many plastic producers, but bottled water accounts for 20 percent of its market. Sources of Data The primary source of data in this study is a set of questionnaire distributed and retrieved from the one hundred respondents who are all certified freshmen students of Bicol University.

According to a report by Rebecca Coons, Aquafina is the number one selling bottled water in the U.

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No minerals can be added to the water. In conclusion, plastic water bottles never completely leave our environment.

Currently there is no feasible solution for the problem of the polluted environment versus polluted water.

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A few of the largest bottled water companies—PepsiCo Aquafina and Nestle Poland Spring, Perrier —have been brought into the light by random cases of water bottle poisoning, but none have had significant losses in their market. Cancer and hospitalizations associated with bottled water and BPA Though there are no known deaths directly correlated with drinking bottled water, chemicals such as BPA cause damage in the long run that can lead to terminal illnesses such as cancer.

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Imagine how much less plastic would be in our oceans and landfills if half the people that used plastic water bottles on a daily basis switched over to a reusable water bottle.

Research Method This study attempted to determine the awareness level of the respondents and discover their attitudes toward drinking water. Of the 3,plus cases, 30 ended in death. Alkame bottles naturally biodegrade within one to three years causing as small amount of damage to the environment as possible Marketwired, Remember that 6, plastic water bottles are thrown away ever four seconds in the United States alone Marketwire, So not only are plastic water bottles killing our environment; they are also killing us.

According to a Philippine Information Agency report Saturday, the number of people affected by cholera in the region stands at 3, for the first half of First, those due to micro-organisms and chemicals in water people drink; second, diseases like schistosomiasis which have part of their lifecycle in water; third, diseases like malaria with water-related vectors; lastly, legionellosis carried by aerosols containing certain micro-organisms.

Buying the reusable water bottle would pay for itself in about two and a half months and save money for the life of the water bottle. An alarming fact that many Americans know is that the plastic used to make water bottles has chemicals that leak into the water we drink and can cause cancer.

The process of dissolving carbon dioxide gas is called carbonation. Rather than being unscrewed, the lid is peeled off and separated. While there are plenty of reusable water bottles on the market, non-reusable water bottles are still in high demand and pose a greater problem: Definition of terms The researcher likes to focus on the following definition of terms to make the research clear; Tap water running water, city water, municipal water, etc.

Here are two reasons to skip the bottled water and opt for tap. Made from sustainable sheet stock such as bamboo, the bottle features a lid which peels off into two pieces, one piece keeps the top clean from dust or other contaminants and the other can be reattached to seal the bottle.

What is the level of awareness of people of health benefits of various types of bottled water available in the market?

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And the Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC 12 reports that 90 percent or more of the money consumers shell out for it pays for everything but the water itself: Alkame water became recently endorsed by First Lady, Michelle Obama in her drink up campaign Marketwired, Some plastics that should be avoided are polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and polycarbonate McRandle, Cases like these have been difficult to trace for numerous reasons.

With time will come more technology furthering the expulsion of plastic water bottles and their destruction of our fragile environment.It is a fact that water is important for humans to survive - Research Paper About Bottled Water introduction.

Our body needs water so it can function properly. According to World Health Organization, The safety and accessibility of drinking water are major concerns throughout the world. Consumption of water contaminated with infectious agents, toxic chemicals.

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04 Wednesday Dec Posted by Alyssa Shadbolt in Uncategorized The actual cost of a plastic water bottle is more than most people might think.

The average 24 pack of plastic water bottles from Wal-Mart is about $, give or take a little bit depending on the brand.

so we are unintentionally harming ourselves by. A team of Mexican researchers found a way to save 20 trees and 56, liters of water for every ton of paper produced – just make them from old plastic bottles. Plastic is one of the main.

Research Paper About Bottled Water

Rigid plastic includes plastic packaging such as bottles, tubs, cups, containers and trays; it also includes products such as storage boxes, toys, American Beverage Association Community Survey and the American Forest & Paper Association Community Survey.

Both studies used the same methodology: surveying a high. Research Papers words ( pages) Effects of Plastic Bottles On the Environment Essay - Being convenient enough for everyday use and even tasting better to some, plastic bottles are a popular way of consuming beverages.

Below is an essay on "Plastic Bottles" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. A water bottle is a vessel used to hold water or other beverages for consumption.

Plastic water bottle research paper
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