Running a valet parking business plan

The fact that you can operate your valet parking services company from any part of the world does not mean that location has little influence on the success of a pay valet parking services company.

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You can choose to pool all tips and split them at the end of the night or let individual drivers pocket the tips they personally receive.

Wondering how to start a valet parking service? I have heard this. There are loads of organizations that may need your service. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.

In fact, they are often very willing to share startup advice with you. Get a pro to design your promotional materials and website. Outline Services Describe the services you plan to provide, such as offering valet services to car owners who need to park their vehicles for a few hours or providing parking and security in a long-term lot.

Do the actual work. A gate staffed by a cashier who collects the money. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies There are countries and areas where valet parking services thrives and there are other places where such service is not generally welcomed.

Your company structure could be a corporation, a limited liability company, or a partnership.

How to Write a Business Plan for Car Valeting

Do you have valet account manager experience? Your local government probably has standards for parking lot construction. For logo development, I recommend crowdsourcing. The garage and parking lots industry is one that has a tough competition, but do not be discouraged.

Your clients may prefer to let their customers or attendees pay for their own parking, so you must set a per car rate and plan to get paid directly by the customer. Startup Basics There are few business startups that are as simple or as potentially profitable as a valet parking service.

Source for Contracts Once you are able to successfully setup your own valet parking service, then the next thing to do is to go out there to source for contracts.

Among the factors to consider: I would suggest one way is have professional career valets, instead of a revolving door of college kids. When it comes to financing a business, one of the first things you should consider is to write a good business plan.

How to Start a Valet Parking Business

So, all you need to do is to negotiate with the owner of the facility you are expected to service; you could agree on your terms of payment. A different valet parking business model. You can approach owners of shopping malls, casinos and bars, cinemas, hotels, stadiums and also government facilities like airports, and sea ports, et al to market your services.

Instead, I would build the tip into the price of parking. Valet inflicted vehicle damage is your top adversary in this business. To open a for-profit parking lot, you need land, money for paving and some way to collect from your customers.

You can expect this to be a nearly all-consuming endeavor. Describe your target market, such as the income level of the people who use valet services, how many people use the service and at what hours.

Does the zoning allow you to build a parking lot?

Opening a Valet Parking Service

What is a sales presentation like? If you are going for a hotel account, know that this will be a 24 hour a day operation, days per year. These should be good jobs where the workers want to stay. You can also talk to various facility managers, owners of shopping malls, busy restaurants, casinos and bars, cinemas, stadiums and also managers of airports, sea ports, et al to know their expectation from a valet parking service company.

Starting a Valet Parking Services Business – A Complete Guide

Talk to people in the area about parking, and see if your local government has studies of parking needs. When most people think about valet parking, they immediately assume that it is limited to hotels or restaurants.

Closed-circuit TV and good lighting are the minimum to discourage thieves and attackers. The people you hire need to understand that customer service plays a big role in this type of business, says Entrepreneur. The nature of the business makes it prone to risks — as a matter of fact, a car can get damaged in the process of trying to park it.

So, you must ensure that you discuss with your insurance broker to advise you on the most suitable insurance cover to buy.

How to Start a Parking Lot Business

So also, you will definitely need computers, internet facility, telephone, fax machine and office furniture chairs, tables, and shelves amongst others and all these can be gotten as fairly used.A valet parking business can be lucrative, since startup costs are low and the ability to make money is high if you offer services to busy businesses.

Starting a Valet Parking Services Business – The Marketing Plan Marketing ideas and strategies Running a business requires that you should be proactive when it. Also check if the area is a busy one that lacks parking space and ask around if the city frequently hosts events/parties, if the answers you get are in the affirmative, it means that city is a fertile ground for your valet business as so many people will frequently drive there for those events and would need a safe place to park their vehicles.

Sep 19,  · If you have a large, busy lot, customers might welcome valet parking rather than find a space themselves. The more people you employ, the more your costs rise, though. Write a Business Plan. Normally, an organization can choose to run their own valet parking service or contract it to a third party provider.

As a business person seeking to start a valet parking service, you would fall under a. This business can be started with minimal cash and the profit potential is excellent, as rates for valet parking services are in the range of $50 to $70 per hour for a two-to-three person crew.

Running a valet parking business plan
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