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Human Creative worked closely with a core team of long-term unemployed young people and skilled them up in video production, sound recording, interviewing, animation and editing. We also encode video to editable formats such as Mpeg or Avi files, Stored directly on to Harddrive this means that you can edit the content for family events such as anniversaries.

There is a vast amount of content still on Film and a growing amount of content on Video Tape based fomats. For a quotation, please click here. Virtualising Memory Human Creative designed and developed Memory Makes Us — an online platform which allows visitors to follow 3 stories from the memories of 3 writers simultaneously at the 3 Writers Festivals around Australia.

Archive content held on tape for future editing Archive critical data held on tape Video tape deteriorates over time.

The process unveiled the rich history of the region through a unique, personal approach. This Is How We Do It is an invaluable tool for arts organisations and individuals who wish to learn from and connect with established arts organisations.

Many formats such as U-Matic, 1 inch C Format and Betacam SP are getting to the end of their projected lifespans, which in some cases was expected to be years. For computer editing, the best practice is to capture a whole tape in one pass and then just work off the data.

DV tape has a finite life, so duplicating the tape at regular intervals may be a reasonable safeguard. It has also provided young people from Winton with training in exhibition production.

This could prove something of a surprise if twenty years after your wedding, you wanted to relive the memory and were presented with a screenful of static or a picture that was in poor colour.

If you have a library of clients material that you need to preserve for future reference contact us to discuss your project.

This includes kids from all towns in the West and further beyond coming together once a year to showcase their creativity and leadership at the youth run Shockwave Festival, held in Blackall.

The overall aim of the program is to support rural youth to develop confidence, leadership, resilience and self worth. Make a copy as soon as possible for projects to be stored long-term. The thinner tape gets, the more susceptible it is to losing its charge over the long haul, plus there may be mechanical problems.

Woorabinda had some trouble with vandalism and graffiti on public and private property. The digital stories produced through this pilot project have great opportunities to be leveraged to grow local tourism to the area.

If your original tape is a digital format, and you would like to take full advantage of future viewing resolution, you should archive the tape to an uncompressed digital medium. The intention of the project was to engage young people and the broader community in a public art piece to help change perceptions around street art, create a positive example and teach valuable skills for artists to continue to contribute art in the community.

The site houses a wealth of resource formats also such as google sheets, docs, video, pdfs, audio and presentations all viewable and downloadable within the tool.

Human Creative was engaged to design and develop a highly customised and interactive Wordpress website. Procopy has a range of services, depending on your needs and your budget.The are large libraries of audio & video content aging over time and a lot of this historical content could be lost if the digital transfer process isn't started soon.

Introducing Human Interest, a video series where we profile extraordinary individuals making a difference in our community.

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Video editing services brisbane
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