Whose life is it anyway dr emerson s role

This is most clearly seen in three cases. The film does justice to our ambivalence. So the question becomes, what differing opinions could physicians possibly have regarding the care of a patient? But, the credits roll before we know what he chooses. The doctors on the other hand believe his life is simply keeping his heart beating and brain functioning.

A brief, very brief summary is in order in order to completely understand some of the interesting aspects of the film. Lying under the white sheets of the hospital bed, he is subjected to stress under the shock of his another reality Before the final bows take place, you just might change your mind.

When he lived through a car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, we understood why he wanted to be left alone to die I felt as if I were actually in that hospital room with Ken Harrison et al.

A conflict of interest arises, as Mr. This is demonstrated in his dilemma over the middle third of the movie as Carter questions whether or not to represent Ken in his legal battle to effectively end his own life.

Doctor Emerson John Cassavetes wants to prolong the life of Ken And, this just goes to show that the point of the film is not whether or not an individual has the audacity and courage to take their own life but more of whether or not they should be given the ability to have a choice in the matter if they are truly unhappy with their state.

Unable to survive without constant care, Claire is totally cut off from her artistic expression. However, being a hopeful future physician I would like to focus on the point of view of the administering physicians in this movie. Her scathing wit and considerable charm are not enough for her to face the life that is left to her, and so she does not wish to go on living.

Ken Harrison is a young artist and art teacher and more specifically he is a sculptor. Clare is given traits that are much more relatable to the audience than Michael.

Jacobs Anthony Spivy and Dr.His antagonist is the hospital's medical director Dr. Emerson (John Cassavetes), who believes in preserving life no matter what, and so tries to get Ken committed as clinically depressed. Ken's attending physician, Dr. Scott (Christine Lahti), begins with the establishment but.

When students study the text of Whose Life Is It Anyway? for the OCR Drama Unit, it should always be remembered that it was written for thirteen candidates can write in role as one of the characters.

Questions of this type will not 17 How do Dr Barr and Dr Emerson disagree about Ken’s ‘depression’? 18 What does Ken mean when he.

It's six months later and there is no improvement. Mary Jo Sadler is the young, inexperienced, new nurse and Rodriguez is the veteran.

John is a friendly orderly. Dr. Clare Scott (Christine Lahti) is concerned about Ken and Dr. Michael Emerson (John Cassavetes) is the hard-nosed supervisor who insists that he knows what's best.

Dec 05,  · Whose Life is it Anyway is a film by John Badham and an adaptation Although I didn’t feel he was characterized as well as he could have been considering the role that he played in the overall story, Carter Hill shows palpable emotion in his interaction with Ken.

However, to most viewers, Dr. Emerson’s compassion and. Dec 02,  · WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? directed by John Badham; screenplay by Brian Clark and Regi- nald Rose, based on Mr.

Clark's play, director of photography, Mario Tosi; edited by Frank Morriss; music by Arthur B.

Whose Life Is It Anyway

Rubinstein; produced by Lawrence P. Bachmann; A Cooney-Schute production; released by M-G-M. Whose Life Is It Anyway (97) IMDb R Subtitles and Closed Captions Richard Dreyfuss stars in this black comedy as a sculptor who becomes paralyzed after an auto accident and fights the hospital administration for the right to die.

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Whose life is it anyway dr emerson s role
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